Dark Angels

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Blood Angels from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Dark Angels

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Blood Angels from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Discount Dark Angels
The Dark Angels were the 1st Legion, with their knightly Primarch Lion El’Jonson. They are, on the surface, exemplars of Imperial Space Marines. They have a loyal and storied history, and their geneseed is stringently pure. Their knightly orders are famous across the galaxy, with their famous First Company organised into the Deathwing, and their fast response units forming the Ravenwing, unique formations famed for their loyal history of service. 


Yet a darkness lurks at the heart of the Dark Angels. No other Chapter is as secretive and sparing of their knowledge as the sons of the Lion. Collectively, the Dark Angels and their Successor chapters refer to themselves as the Unforgiven, for they hide dark secrets behind their knightly cowls. 


During the Horus Heresy, that galaxy spanning civil war that rent the Imperium in two, the Dark Angels led by the Lion remained loyal, and fought the Night Lords traitor legion over the Thramas sector. This bloody local conflict went on for many years, isolated from the wider span of the civil war. On Caliban, the Dark Angels homeworld, Luther, the Lion’s tutor and knightly teacher from his youth, led a huge recruitment drive to replenish the many losses from this war. 


However, Luther saw this position as an insult from his former pupil. Wounded by, as he saw it, his exile and demotion to Caliban, hatred sprouted in his heart. He built up the new Dark Angels numbers, as ordered, but instilled in these new Space Marines a loyalty to himself and Caliban above loyalty to the Lion and the Emperor. 


After years of conflict in the Thramas sector, it became clear that the traitors were making a push for Terra. Worn out from the endless fight, the Lion nevertheless made ready to sail to Terra to stand on the walls of the Imperial Palace and fight the Warmaster’s assault. But on the way, he stopped at Caliban to replenish his forces. 


Luther rejected him and the Emperor, throwing off the rule of Terra and swearing fealty only to Caliban. Near half the Dark Angels Legion followed him into a battle with the Lion and his loyalists, the two forces fought each other to the death. During this battle the ground of Caliban was split and the planet broke apart. The traitors fled the guns of the vengeful loyalists, but the soul of the Dark Angels was wounded near to death, as was the Lion, struck down by his former master. 


Today, the Dark Angels have sworn vengeance on all of the Fallen, as their traitorous brethren are known, and will not rest until the final Fallen and their mysterious leader Cypher is killed. But they keep this quest a deep secret, for they fear what would happen if the truth of their legion’s split and brush with heresy became public knowledge. 


The Dark Angels have incredible models, with a gorgeously knightly aesthetic. They use proud and unique formations like the Deathwing, armies made up entirely of Terminators, and the Ravenwing, an all bike and speeder mounted army in jet black armour. They also use more plasma weapons than most Space Marine chapters, reflecting their hunger and fire for vengeance. 
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