Black Templars

“Black Templars – Warhammer 40k
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Black Templars

“Black Templars – Warhammer 40k
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Discount Black Templars
The Emperor conquered the galaxy, ten thousand years ago, at the helm of the Great Crusade. The treachery that came after it shattered all of his dreams of a unified human Imperium, but some among his sons still hold true to the ideals of the Great Crusade.After the Horus Heresy, every other Space Marine chapter consolidated ground, built up their defenses, and took to their new task of defending the Imperium they so had so bloodily won. The Black Templars, however, view the Great Crusades as ongoing. They are wanderings, perpetual travellers, crusading knights on a quest long since forgotten. The chapter was founded after the Horus Heresy, when the loyalist Space Marine legions were split up to ensure no single soul could command the power of a legion ever again. 
Founded from the most vengeful and furious of the Imperial Fists legion, and led by the High Marshal Sigismund, the newly christened Black Templars chapter sailed out into the stars on their flagship, the Eternal Crusader, sworn to never stop crusading in the Emperor’s name. 
Rather than having a single chapter world that is theirs to defend, the Black Templars build fortresses on every world they conquer. Their fleets expand out across the stars, constantly recruiting more brothers for their endless war. It is whispered among the High Lords of Terra that the Black Templars must have more than the 1000 battle brothers mandated by the Codex Astartes, but to rein them in would be a huge undertaking, and their loyalty has been beyond reproach. The Black Templars have some unique elements. Almost uniquely among Space Marine chapters, they revere the Emperor as a god, like the majority of the Imperium, where most Space Marines revere the Emperor as the mightiest of men and their primogenitor. In addition, the Black Templars have a fervent loathing of all psykers, so the Librarians common to other Space Marine chapters have no place in their ranks. Where usually, the initiates of a Chapter are organised into the 10th company and used as Scouts to give them experience, instead the Black Templars organise their squads more like knights with their squires. Each battle brother takes an initiate under his wing and their squads go into battle as one unified force, a completely unique way in which to field their squads.The Black Templars are perfect for you if you want to take to the field armoured in faith and fury, with a strong focus on melee strength and matching your vile opponents blade to blade. Their tanks and guns are focused on close quarters melee and being used as transports to deliver squads of their infantry to the fight! Buy Space Marines for cheap prices
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