T'au Empire

“Start expanding your army with our range of discount T’au from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.
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T'au Empire

“Start expanding your army with our range of discount T’au from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.
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The T’au Empire are the youngest and most dynamic species in the galaxy. In the space of only a few hundred years they have gone from a species rooted to their homeworld, to a species in control of a small stellar empire that is proving to be a significant thorn in the side of the Imperium. The T’au have a strict caste system which structures their entire species and ensures each caste is focused on one aspect of life. The Water Caste are diplomats, envoys, and negotiators. The Air Caste are pilots and navigators, in command of every ship and plane in the T’au fleet. The Earth Caste are builders, scientists, and engineers, constantly seeking to improve the already fearsome T’au technology. Finally, the Fire Caste are warriors, battling against the myriad threats of the 41st millennium to preserve and expand the T’au Empire.
Long ago, these four distinct subspecies of T’au fought each other for domination on their homeworld, but this was changed by the mysterious appearance of the fifth caste, the Ethereals. This caste appeared literally overnight, and quelled all wars on T’au within weeks of their arrival. They spread a credo known as the Greater Good, a philosophy that quickly came to guide the entire species. The Ethereals became the leaders of the T’au Empire, both physically and spiritually, almost overnight. Many outsiders have speculated at some dark power that allowed the Ethereals to take control of the T’au so quickly, but no concrete evidence has ever been found. Under the guidance of the Ethereals, the T’au abandoned their internecine wars and began to build a single civilisation. Within a century, the first T’au colonies were developed, and the Greater Good inspired the T’au to forever strive onwards and upwards, developing incredible technological and social achievements.
Unusually for the bloody galaxy of the 41st millennium, the T’au are not naturally genocidal. When they contact a new species, they expend considerable resources and time in attempting to convince them of their philosophy and bring them into their Empire peacefully. As a result, while the T’au are the dominant species in their Empire, dozens of other species coexist within its borders, including most famously the Kroot, the Vespid, and the Nicassar. However, if a species is unwilling to be drawn into the Empire peacefully, the T’au will respond with quite overwhelming force. They cannot compete in bloody battles of attrition against factions like the Orks or the grinding mass of the Astra Militarum, but their battlecraft is legendary, and their technology more than a match for all but the Aeldari and the Necrons. The T’au are a young species yet, and their expansion has been dramatic. The Imperium has only been able to find lasting victories against them by deploying significant quantities of Space Marines, a resource that is under ever more pressure.
For now, while larger threats menace the Imperium, the Greater Good will continue to spread.The T’au are a fast, mobile faction, with huge battlesuits containing their more veteran warriors. They are not psychically active, and their Fire Warriors are not suited for close combat. However when it comes to accurate, devastating ranged firepower, the T’au are second to none. Even the pulse rifles carried by their most basic infantry are much more powerful than the small arms of other races, and the massive railguns and missile pods mounted on their tanks and battlesuits will shred any foe in seconds. Their deficiency in close quarter combat can be made up for by utilising their allies, the savage Kroot, vicious cannibals capable of matching anyone in melee. Buy T’au models for cheap prices
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