Start expanding your army with our range of discount Drukhair from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.

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Start expanding your army with our range of discount Drukhair from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.

At The Outpost you’ll find cheap deals on Drukhari, and other models from the Warhammer 40k universe. Discover our amazing discount Drukhari miniatures and join the thousands of happy customers who have chosen The Outpost.
Discount Drukhari
The Drukhari are one of the vilest species in the galaxy, foul slavers and pirates who glut themselves on death and fear, particularly those of the lesser species like humans. Nothing is too cruel for these raiders, they have plumbed every depth of depravity in their constant search for sensation. Yet this fixation with pain and death has a hidden purpose, a deep, constant fear at the heart of Drukhari society that they can only stave off temporarily. 

Millennia ago, the Aeldari were the most powerful species in the galaxy. Their fall from grace and the subsequent birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh from their cumulative excess is a story told by the Craftworld Aeldari, but the Craftworlds were not the only ones to flee the birth of the Prince of Excess. Long before the Fall of the Aeldari empire, a city was built in the Webway itself, originally a trading port held out of realspace and the warp alike. Over time, the Aeldari of this settlement delved deeper than any into excess as the Aeldari empire reached its height. Away from even the pretense of civility, these beings grew hungrier and hungrier for sensation and the city became known as Commorragh, the Dark City. 

When the Fall came, those Aeldari hidden in Commorragh were sheltered from the initial massacre of the great mass of the Aeldari population. Already steeped in darkness, these Aeldari laughed as they saw themselves, the renegades, the pirates, saved. But soon enough they stopped laughing. For all of them felt the tug on their souls. They felt themselves being drawn into the maw of Slaanesh, a constant, perceptible draining of their lives. Desperate, and suddenly terrified, these Aeldari learned that by causing psychic anguish, pain, and death of other living beings, they could stem this draining and fend off for another day the potential ruination of their own souls. 

Thus, the Drukhari (or Dark Eldar) were born. A species distinct from the Craftworld Aeldari, rather than fend off the draw of Slaanesh on their souls by asceticism and mental fortitude, they instead throw others to the maw of the Dark Prince, feeding Slaanesh to save themselves. This is the root of their entire species’ drive; the fear of losing their souls. This has made them embittered, dark, twisted, and angry, permanently boiling over with hatred and bile, locked within their festering city. They launch massive slave raids out into the material universe, specialising in waiting until a planet or sector has been stripped of defenders for some other war before descending on those left behind. It is this habit that has made them particularly despised by all other species in the galaxy. 

The Drukhari are perfect for anyone who prefers a glass cannon playstyle. Almost no other army in the game is as fast or as devastating on the attack as the Drukhari, but they sacrifice armour and protective gear for speed, meaning that they suffer if their foes manage to rally a counter attack. If you like picking your battles and then retreating away at speed, constantly attacking the weakest point in the enemy’s line, this is the army for you.
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