Environment Policy

At The Outpost we are always striving to reduce our carbon footprint wherever it is within our control to do so.

Like most our customers we are keenly committed to reducing our impact on the environment and frequently review within the company ways in which we could work towards a greener way of business.

Our overall principle is to follow a checklist in order of re-use, recycle and if neither are possible, reduce. Below are a few examples of these principles in action.

Re-use: Postal / packaging

The most obvious way for us to reduce waste is in packaging. As such as practice the following:

1. We re-use packaging where reasonable to do so. This means some boxes you receive may have been used once before. We ensure that the boxes we re-use are capable of delivering your contents in perfect condition and undamaged. Although they may have some cosmetic imperfections we believe this is much better than putting a good box to waste.

2. We re-use void filler where possible, this is largely comprised of plastic packaging, bubblewrap and packing “peanuts” or “chip”. We strongly encourage our customers to do that same. As with boxes this packaging will always be in a serviceable and usable condition.

3. When we buy in our postal supplies we are committed to using recyclable materials in all places possible.

If all our customers companies follow the 3 commitments outlined above we know that the amount of non-recyclable materials in service will continue to diminish. Although we will never stop all companies using plastic packaging, at the very least these items won’t just end up in landfill.

Recycle: Collections

We have weekly recycling collections for all recyclable materials and minimise all landfill waste where possible. A simple but effective policy.

Reduce: In the office

We try to remain as close to paperless as possible in our office. We provide all documentation electronically where possible and have managed to reduce our printing by over 95% in the last 2 years.

Through the use of e-invoices, both for our customers and suppliers, we save a huge amount of excess paper. For this reason we will electronically notify you of order updates, dispatches and contents.


We are always looking for ways to be a better company and welcome any feedback on our initiatives and procedures.

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