Genestealer Cults

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Genestealer Cult from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Genestealer Cults

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Genestealer Cult from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Discount Genestealer Cults
The Tyranids are an unholy threat, a vast, swarming horde of teeth and claws arising out of the darkness of the void to devour all of our galaxy. But as terrible as this overt threat is, the Tyranid Hive Mind is not without…subtler methods. Genestealers are used as shock troops by the Hive Mind, but this is not their principle role. Instead, Genestealers are scattered out ahead of the Hive Fleets, to lie dormant on space hulks, on asteroids, in shattered ships, waiting for a salvage crew or opportunistic pirates or raiders to come along. When they do, a number of their party will be overwhelmed quietly in the darkness and infected with the Genestealer’s DNA. 


They’ll return to their ship, feeling groggy and confused, and now entirely under the control of the Hive Mind. These people will return to their ship, or their homeworld, and draw in and infect others of their kind. Eventually, they will begin to breed, having children that may look like purebred humans, or maybe some sort of mutant, but the truth is that these are the spawn of the Genestealer, every line of DNA overwritten with that of the Tyranids. 


These individuals will infect more and more people, and have more and more children, the process speeding up exponentially over time. They will form a cult, a distinct religious group, focused on the worship of the Star Children, hugely powerful beings they believe live beyond the stars and who will one day visit them and grant immortality in exchange for faithful service. And so they draw in more disaffected, offering food and salvation, and so corrupt even more people and grow the cult further. A Patriarch will arise, usually a purebred Genestealer or heavily mutated cultist who forms the linchpin for these beliefs. 


This process can take centuries, but the Hive Mind is nothing if not patient. When all is ready, when the Genestealer Cult has wormed its tendrils into every aspect of society…then the Cult rises in bloody open conflict. The Patriarch will channel the collective psychic energy of the entire Cult, calling out across the vast gulf of the void to the Hive Fleets, urging them to come to this world and bring salvation. 


When the Hive Fleets arrive, they find a world overrun by civil unrest, and open warfare, those defenders who may have been able to stand against the chitinous tide already weary, their ammunition spent, their armies depleted. This provides much easier feeding than most worlds. And when the world is overcome, and the biomass is ingested into the Hive Fleet to be respawned as new horrors, the Genestealer Cultists throw themselves willingly into the digester pools, overcome with joy at the prospect of salvation. 


And of course, the Hive Mind is careful to let a few ships flee the doomed world, desperately running for the safety of other planets and space stations…all with a small contingent of Genestealer cultists aboard, ready to begin the work again. 


Genestealer Cults are perfect for anyone who wants to play a skirmishing, subtle army, with a huge amount of options. More than any other army in the game, Genestealer Cults have sneaky tricks in abundance, perfect for an army that strikes up from the depths to overthrow their masters. 
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