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Well you’ve come to the right place. The Outpost is a thriving and growing tabletop gaming store with more items being added every day. This is where you come in! As content providers you will always find your time hard to stretch and that’s usually down to one key thing, money. Combining work and a passion to provide content can prove a difficult combination and we want to help.

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We pay you to provide website traffic and sales through your content to us at The Outpost.

How does it work? It’s easy, register here and we’ll approve your application once we’ve reviewed some of the content you provide. Not got many followers? Don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere and we will always consider applications. However you must:

    • Actively posting atleast 1 relevant article/video/podcast per month.
    • Refrain from posting damaging or harmful content in relation to individuals or companies (including inciting aggression or hatred towards any particular person or group of people).
    • Ensure your website/blog/forum is secure from hacking or data breaches.

We reserve the right to remove your status as an affiliate if we receive reports of the above and believe there is enough evidence to support a claim.

Once you’ve registered and been approved, create links in your affiliate dashboard, they could be for a specific product or for the homepage of the website. Place that link on a picture, in content or wherever you like and when people click through and place an order you get rewards!

You can earn your rewards as Store Credit, so what are you waiting for?


We are currently offering 5% store credit.


Full Affiliate Terms and Conditions can be found here.


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