Chaos Daemons

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Chaos Daemons from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Chaos Daemons

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Chaos Daemons from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


At The Outpost you’ll find cheap deals on Chaos Daemons, and other models from the Armies of Chaos in the Warhammer 40k universe. Discover our amazing discount Chaos Daemons miniatures and join the thousands of happy customers who have chosen The Outpost.
Discount Chaos Daemons
Most of the Imperium know the Warp only as a realm that spaceships use to travel faster than light, crossing great bounds of the galaxy in weeks or months rather than centuries or millennia. However, this is a lie perpetrated by the rulers of the Imperium in order that their population not tears itself to pieces in terror at the truth. 


The nature of the Warp is that of another world, overlaid with our own, as close as hatred, as far as a thought. In this realm, human souls burn like candles in the dark. Emotions register as flaming beacons, and these emotions feed and empower the dark sentiences lurking in the depths. Souls of those with psychic abilities burn brightly, drawing the direct attention of the daemons and gods of Chaos. 


These entities are fourfold. Khorne, the god of Skulls and Blood, Slaanesh, She Who Thirsts, the god of Excess, Grandfather Nurgle, the god of Plague, Disease, and Entropy, and Tzeentch, the Changer of the Ways, god of Change and Mutation. 


Imperial scholars, those who know the truth of the Warp, argue over whether these immortals can truly be called gods, or whether they are simply immensely powerful daemons, but their followers know. These are the Dark Gods and their whims shape the fate of the universe. 


Within the Warp, the Gods of Chaos form shards of warp energy into servants and empower them with sentience to carry out their wills. These daemons can take a myriad of forms, each dictated by the gods themselves. Daemons of Khorne are bloody, brutal warriors, existing only to claim blood and skulls for their master. Daemons of Slaanesh are darkly sensual, pushing mortals to take part in every excess known to their immortal minds. Daemons of Nurgle are the bearers and enumerators of every plague dreamed by their hideous father, taking great joy in finding new diseases. Finally, daemons of Tzeentch are uncomfortable and twisted, even for daemons, laying plots and schemes beyond the conception of mortal time. Most difficult for humans to conceptualise, killing a daemon only banishes it back to the Warp. Given time, it will reform and be summoned again to lay waste to the galaxy, making every loss to Chaos Daemons permanent, and every victory temporary. 


There are other denizens of the Warp, the hideous Daemon Princes. Unlike true daemons, these fiends were once human, but sworn their souls to the Dark Gods and were given immortality as a reward for a life steeped in sin. This is the ultimate goal of each and every mortal follower of Chaos. 


The Chaos Gods spread their dark will across the galaxy, corrupting mortal souls and tainting the very reality of the universe. They are the ultimate evil. Daemonic armies are many and varied, you can focus on one specific god’s followers, or build an army taking advantage of daemons from all four gods, making them hard to predict and suitable for any playstyle you want. 
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