Start expanding your army with our range of discount Tyranids from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Start expanding your army with our range of discount Tyranids from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Discount Tyranids
The Tyranids are the most mysterious and alien of all the species fighting for the future of the 41st millennium. They are extragalatic horrors, the only species in known existence to originate from outside the Milky War. While each Tyranid is individual in a sense, all Tyranids are bound into the gestalt of the Hive Mind; a unifying psychic link that connects every Tyranid, from the smallest microorganism to the hideously huge Hive Fleet ships that rain fanged death down on innocent worlds. 


The first recorded Imperial contact with the Tyranids was 745.M41, when the Imperial research post on the planet Tyran was attacked and destroyed by an unknown enemy. Before the Imperium could respond, more worlds were attacked, including Macragge, the mighty homeworld of the Ultramarines chapter. This first Hive Fleet was named Behemoth by the Imperium, and was only defeated on Macragge by unbelievable sacrifice, including the deaths of almost the entire 1st company of the Ultramarines. 


In the aftermath, many hoped that the Tyranids were defeated, but since then two other major Hive Fleets have attacked our galaxy, named Kraken and Leviathan. Both have since splintered into multiple other fleets, ensuring that nowhere in the galaxy can be counted as safe from these horrors. 


The Tyranids are often described as a swarm. When they attack a world, they rain billions of swarmbeasts down on the planet below, hunting and killing first any defenders and then any civilians. Resistance is all but impossible; fanged horrors rain from the sky and burrow under the earth, rendering many ordinary fortifications useless. 


Once everything on the planet is dead, the Hive Ships descend to feed. Huge swarms of Tyranids devour every scrap of biological material on the planet’s surface, down to the microbial level. Everything is sucked up by the digestor pools, rendering all of that material down to a soup, which is brought up to the Hive Fleet and used in vast spawning vats to create more Tyranids. Once the grisly process is finished, the Hive Fleet moves on, leaving only a lifeless ball of rock behind it. 


The unique way in which the Tyranids reproduce has also made them masters of genetic engineering. Every Tyranid organism is alive, including their vast ships. While the Tyranids are attacking, the Hive Mind can response with lightning speed to its enemy’s moves. Far from being the mere beasts they appear, each Tyranid force has the benefit of uncountable years of experience and billions of battles. When faced with a problem that its current beasts cannot overcome, the Hive Mind will rapidly evolve a new beast or variant in order to overcome their opponent. Many in the Imperum fear that the Hive Fleets will simply out evolve all defenders of the galaxy and scour every world bare. 


The Tyranids are a unique force, able to field small armies of giant rampaging monsters, or hordes of smaller beasts. They focus on melee, where their scything talons and ripping claws are most effective, and as such are a terrifyingly fast and agile force. They also have extensive psychic powers, drawn from the Hive Mind, and even to be close to the Tyranids hurts and destabalises enemy psykers, making them doubly dangerous. 
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