Space Wolves

“Start expanding your army with our range of discount Space Wolves from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery. At The Outpost...Read more

Space Wolves

“Start expanding your army with our range of discount Space Wolves from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery. At The Outpost you’ll find cheap deals on Space Wolves, and other models from the Warhammer 40k universe. Discover our amazing discount Space Wolves miniatures and join the thousands of happy customers who have chosen The Outpost. Discount Space Wolves models
The Space Wolves (or the Vlka Fenryka) are the wildest of the Space Marine chapters, fierce and feral, embodying the soul of their wild homeworld, Fenris. Fenris is a brutal world. It maintains an elliptical orbit around its sun, meaning for several Terran years at a time, the land is locked in a permanent winter. When the world approaches the sun, the atmosphere heats up, and the land shifts. Continents are pulled beneath the ocean while others are raised by the geothermal energy at the heart of Fenris. These continents will last for ten, twenty, or a hundred years, but eventually they will sink beneath the waves again. As a result, the Fenrisian tribes exist in a constant state of precarity, raiding and reaving, forever on the move to seek fresh land. This forge hardens the warriors of Fenris, creating perfect souls for the Imperium’s wars. The Space Wolves themselves are locked between two worlds. The barbarians of Fenris, with a firm belief in the underworld, used to fighting with axes and bows, now given access to Imperial knowledge and technology, vicious techno-barbarians wearing wolf pelts on their impossibly advanced power armour, and carving runes to ward off witches on the barrels of their plasma guns.The Wolves are famous for their individualism and stubbornness, they forge their own path, regardless of any who would control them. They give honour to their Primarch, Leman Russ, and the Emperor that they name All-Father. The other institutions of the Imperium do not interest them, particularly the Inquisition, which has caused numerous conflicts between these two groups. The Inquisition finds the Space Wolves’ divergence from the genetic norm suspiciously close to heresy, while the Space Wolves view the Inquisition as a bunch of backroom schemers without honour. These differences are often made worse by the Inquisition’s brutal approach to human life, viewing all humans as ultimately expendable, where the Space Wolves value individuality and personal freedoms. 
The Space Wolves make war like no other Space Marine chapter. Their feral nature shines through, making them masters of melee combat. They particularly love seeking challenges, their Wolf Lords will seek out enemy heroes and and monsters and engage them in single combat, seeking to build their sagas into epic myths. The skalds of the Space Wolves sing long of the heroes who have slain many foes thus, and just as long of those who die in glorious battle.The Rune Priests of the Space Wolves use the spirits of Fenris themselves to battle their foe, raising psychic wolves and furious blizzards from their heart of their homeworld. Rather than Apothecaries, the Wolf Priests form the caste that maintains the Space Wolf geneseed, and the secrets of the Canis Helix.The Space Wolves are a perfect faction for anyone who likes their Space Marines unconventional, and with a viking flair. They have a huge number of totally unique units, and their aesthetic could not be further from the staid, rigid ranks of chapters like the Ultramarines. Cheap deals on Space Wolves models
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