Space Marines Primaris Aggressors


Space Marines Primaris Aggressors


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Clad in heavy Mark X Gravis armour, Aggressors cut an intimidating figre on the battlefield. Armed with short ranged weaponry such as Boltstorm Gauntlets or Flamestorm Gauntlets, once in range they can unleash a devastating rain of firepower.


This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a 3-man Primaris Aggressor Squad. Extremely heavily armoured, their silhouette is wider and chunkier than most Primaris Space Marines, due in no small part to the choice of auto boltstorm gauntlets or flamestorm gauntlets. There are three sets of each, with every weapon featuring pipes or belts that are fed from the enormous backpack. One set of flamestorm gauntlets features retracted barrels, as in close combat fists speak louder than flames… Should you choose the boltstorm gauntlets, the Aggressors can also take a fragstorm grenade launcher.

You have the option of assembling 3 Aggressors or 2 Aggressors and a Sergeant; a host of options are available either way. There are 6 heads for the standard Aggressors, with respirators on the mask of those using flamestorm gauntlets, and 2 more specific heads for the Sergeant. The flamestorm-wielding Aggressors have their own shoulder pads, featuring larger blast shielding to protect them from the immense operating temperatures of their weapons. Also included are reliquaries and purity seals, with special examples for Sergeants featuring extra skulls.


The Primaris Aggressors come as 107 components, and are supplied with 3 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

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  1. lordxmackenzie (verified owner)

    Id rate these over the cheaper ETB boxes anyday, the bits alone are worth it!

  2. Andrew Cookney (verified owner)

    Love these guys. They look amazing, even with my rubbish painting skills.

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