Imperial Knights

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Imperial Knights from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Imperial Knights

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Imperial Knights from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Discount Imperial Knights models
Long before the rise of the Imperium, humanity spread out into the stars, colonising worlds all across the galaxy and planting their banner, as humans tend to do. On many of these early colonies, life was impossibly difficult. Difficult weather, inclement climates, and massive voracious predators meant colonists died in droves. However, the early human settlers of these worlds had come prepared. Standard Template Constructs (or STCs) were the pinnacle of human science at this time. Huge machines could be created by an illiterate colonist, simply by feeding raw materials into the STC and pressing a button. One of the most common STC templates used was that of giant exo-armoured warsuits which the colonists could use to fight predators and clear ground for building. 


The pilots of these suits had to create a mental bond with their metal steeds, this allowed them to work in perfect synchronicity and respond at incredible speeds. Over time, the initial pilots of these suits formed Houses around themselves, and became nobles on their homeworlds, seeing protecting their citizenry as a knightly duty. The Knights, as the combined force of warsuit and rider became known, were a common sight on many colonised planets, and were powerful forces for defending their people. 


Then the Age of Strife came. Warpstorms ravaged the galaxy, cutting off human worlds from each other, breaking apart trade routes and forcing colonies to survive completely alone. Many worlds fell to madness and chaos, but many of the worlds protected by Knights survived. However, on many of these worlds, cut off from external influences, these worlds regressed to a near feudal tech level. The technology of how to create Knights was forgotten, and the suits that remained were maintained by shamanic techno-barbarians, whispering words they no longer remembered the meaning of. 


When the Age of the Imperium began, the Mechanicum reached out and found these Knightly Houses, bringing them into the fold of the newborn Imperium, and more specifically, the Mechanicum itself. These warsuits are marvels, compared to the lumbering Imperial tanks of their size they are more heavily armoured, faster, and more agile in difficult terrain. These Knightly Houses turned their allegiance to the Emperor as Omnissiah, the heavily structured nature of the Imperium aligning closely with the feudal values of the Knights. 


Today, the Knights serve as vital parts of the defence of the Imperium. They are not formally part of the Imperial military, instead honouring pacts with the Adeptus Mechanicus to defend their homeworlds, and send members of their knightly families to take part in holy crusades to defend the Imperium or attack the unclean. 


Imperial Knights are perfect for anyone who wants to play a striking, small model count army. You can build an army of only four or five huge, stunning models, meaning anyone who wants to spend a lot of time modelling and painting their models can lavish attention on these giant warsuits. If you want to bestride the battlefield like a colossus, firing incredibly powerful weaponry while the fire of lesser war machines and infantry ping off your shields and hull armour, this is the faction for you. Adding one or two Knights to another Imperial army also provides some more tactical options and a great centrepiece model. 
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