Sisters of Silence

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Sisters of Silence from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Sisters of Silence

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Sisters of Silence from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Discount Sisters of Silence models
The Sisters of Silence are one of the oldest and least understood Imperial organisations. They were a secret organisation founded by the Emperor himself, made up solely of women with the Pariah gene; a mutation that meant the Sisters are psychic blanks. They do not show in the Warp like ordinary humans, and their very presence causes pain to Warp entities and psykers. More than this, they cannot be affected by psychic powers of any sort, and any psyker that attempts to use their powers while close to a Sister will find the power slipping through their fingers, unable to summon it in proximity to one of these beings. This unnatural nature also inspires fear and loathing in normal humans, and this has given rise to the appellation of the ‘Soulless’ for those individuals with the Pariah gene. 


The Emperor, in his wisdom, organised the Silent Sisters to form the most potent anti-psychic organisation in the galaxy. These women, along with the Adeptus Custodes, form the Talons of the Emperor, His personal strike force. Following the Horus Heresy, the Sisters of Silence were allowed to slip into obscurity. Their distasteful nature meant they were never popular among the higher ranks of the Imperium, and they had always flourished in dark and hidden conditions. However, the organisation has had a resurgence of late. The darkness of the early 42nd millennium has forced the Imperium to bring all resources to bear, even those it had forgotten. The Sisters of SIlence have once again claimed the Somnus Citadel on Luna, and work to rebuild their order. The Talons of the Emperor are reborn and reach out to strike His foes once again. 


One of the biggest roles of the Sisters of Silence is crewing the Black Ships. These enormous, black hulled ships constantly flit through the Imperium, travelling from world to world to collect their harvest of human psykers. These individuals cannot be trusted to live and work in the Imperium at large; without training they would be an enormous danger to themselves and others. The Black Ships collect them and then make their long route back to Terra to deposit these psykers for testing and evaluation. The Silent Sisterhood, immune as they are to psychic energies, are the perfect crew for these ships. 


While the Sisters of Silence cannot form an army by themselves, they are a perfect addition to any other Imperial force, particularly the Adeptus Custodes. If you’re struggling with the filthy psychic powers of your devious enemies, adding a unit or two of Sisters of Silence will make their lives much more difficult! The unique archaic power armour and weapons also make a really cool addition to the look of any Imperial army. 
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