Adeptus Custodes

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Adeptus Custodes from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Adeptus Custodes

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Adeptus Custodes from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Discount Adeptus Custodes models
The Adeptus Custodes are the Emperor’s personal bodyguard and companions. They were created long before the Great Crusades, while the Emperor’s gene technology was at its height. The Custodians are bodyguards, their bodies enhanced far beyond the capability of even a Space Marine, armed and armoured with technology that makes Astartes weaponry look like crude muskets. But they are also companions, their minds enhanced beyond the capability of any other souls in the Imperium barring perhaps the holy Primarchs. They could converse with the Emperor on any topic, they are poets, philosophers, artists, as well as warriors. 


The Custodes have been wreathed in failure for 10,000 years, however, ever since the fall of the Emperor at the hands of his son. While the Emperor struck Horus down, he was wounded unto death in return. As his chosen praetorian guard, the Custodes viewed this as their failure, although it is doubtful that even any of that august brotherhood could have stood against the Arch Traitor glutted with the power of the Dark Gods. 


After the Heresy the Custodian Guard no longer stepped foot outside the Imperial Palace. They personally guarded the body of the Emperor himself on his Throne, and the precincts of the Palace. The wider Imperium was not their concern. This rule stood fast for millennia, until the dying days of the 41st millennium, when times grew so dark that their tactical doctrine had to change. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, and the Custodians of late have taken their blades out into the dark to hunt down foes that may prove a threat to the Emperor and strangle them in the crib, long before they can threaten Terra itself. 


The Custodians constantly run Blood Games where they will attempt to infiltrate Terra and get close enough to strike the Emperor. The brotherhood takes these attempts and uses them to more effectively cover blind spots in their defense of the Throne. Sometimes the Custodes will also release captured prisoners, such as Chaos Marines, into the Palace and hunt them to keep their skills fresh. 


On the field, Space Marines fight like wolves, their greatest strength is their brotherhood and unity of purpose, squads uniting to bring down singular prey. The Adeptus Custodes, however, fight like lions. Each warrior is individual and unique, their ‘squads’ are rough designations at best. This has also partially been influenced by their fighting style, the signature weapon of the Custodians is the guardian spear, a long, graceful weapon with an inbuilt bolter, which requires space to wield efficiently. 


The Adeptus Custodes are perfect for anyone who wants to play a very small, elite army. Each Custodian is a god of the battlefield, with stats better than other faction’s elite character units. If you’ve ever wanted to play a faction where one of your most basic infantry can kill a Space Marine without even breaking a sweat, this is the faction for you! The Custodes also have a very simple, but very striking colour scheme with their golden auramite armour, and a small model count, making them very quickly to get painted up and ready for the tabletop. 
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