Raven Guard

“Start expanding your army with our range of discount Raven Guard from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.
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Raven Guard

“Start expanding your army with our range of discount Raven Guard from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.
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Discount Raven Guard models
The Raven Guard are warriors steeped in shadow. They are masters of infiltration and hit and run strikes, attacking from the most unexpected quarter to inflict maximum damage before retreating into the shadows again. They will never fight a fair fight if there is any other option. This puts them at odds with many of the more standard chapters, who often view this as cowardly or shameful, but they view their ways as nothing put pure pragmatism. 
Why perform a frontal assault and potentially lose thousands, when a knife to the spine in the darkness will serve just as well? Foes of the Raven Guard live in terror, aware at any moment that squads of sable clad warriors will slide from the night and cut them down.  The Raven Guard’ Primarch, Corax, was raised in the slave mines of the moon Deliverance above the chapter’s homeworld, Kiavahr. Raised in perfect darkness, the infant Primarch learned to use this as his shield and his sword, striking to cut down the slaver guards, and ultimately raise a slave revolt that overthrew their regime. This darkness infused his Legion. The Raven Guard have black eyes and pallid skin, their geneseed mutating as a result of their dark home and their Primarch’s influence. Where many close ranged focused Space Marines, like the Space Wolves or Salamanders, will punch straight into the heart of an enemy force, trusting their armour to see them through, the Raven Guard are more selective. Rather than killing their way through the enemy force one by one, they prefer to strike at leaders, support units, and artillery behind the main lines, surgically taking out the key elements that hold the enemy army together. The Raven Guard specialise in close quarters combat, taking after their Primarch, who famously used a pair of lightning claws to shred his foes. Many of the chapter also go into battle equipped with jetpacks, allowing them to soar like the corvids they are named for. These jetpacks provide huge maneuverability, allowing the Raven Guard to leap over their enemy and take out their units that they intended to protect. This Space Marine chapter are particularly skilled at manipulating shadow, and they make use of technology that makes them difficult to see from range, interfering with targeting sensors and even the unaugmented eye, meaning that it is extraordinarily difficult to take them down with long range fire. The Raven Guard are perfect for a player who prefers to use a scalpel instead of a hammer. Play this chapter if you want to strike from shadows unseen, force your opponent onto the backfoot, and cut their throat while they’re looking in the opposite direction. As an extra bonus, they’re really easy to paint! Cheap deals on Raven Guard models
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