Space Marines: Bladeguard Veterans


Space Marines: Bladeguard Veterans

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Lead the charge with these close combat masters. Each is armed with a master-crafted power sword and equipped with a storm shield. There is an option to make one of the squad into a sergeant. The kit also includes multiple head, tilting plate, pistol, and holster variants as well as plasma pistol and neo-volkite pistol options for the sergeant. These grizzled veterans are clad in the finest plate, which looks great in the colours of any Chapter.

This 78-part plastic kit makes three Bladeguard Veterans and is supplied with three 40mm Citadel round bases. It is also supplied with an Ultramarines Infantry transfer sheet.

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  1. Simon Parkinson (verified owner)

    Love this kit, real pleasure to build and paint. They look fantastic on the table.

  2. David Carr (verified owner)

    Very cool models, they don’t take much kit bashing to use as dark angles, black templers ects

  3. Rhedrith (verified owner)

    Great kit, models look fantastic and there is a decent amount of choice in how to build them.

  4. Alex Broadfoot (verified owner)

    Great product, looks amazing so much fun to build and paint

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