Officio Assassinorum

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Officio Assassinorum from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Officio Assassinorum

Start expanding your army with our range of discount Officio Assassinorum from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Discount Officio Assassinorum
The Officio Assassinorum is one of the most feared tools of the High Lords of Terra. Made up of six Clades, or orders, of assassins, these weapons are beyond the scope of mortals. Each assassin is hypnoindoctrinated, genetically modified, and implanted with strange and incredible technology to make them the ultimate killing tools. 


The Officio Assassinorum was set up during the Horus Heresy as a way to take down traitor generals far behind enemy lines, and while they ultimately failed in their goal to take down the Arch Traitor Horus himself, many lesser heretic commanders were struck down mysteriously by veiled figures. 


The assassin temples where the training, indoctrination, and genhancement of the assassins takes place are scattered across the Imperium, and their numbers and assignments are top secret knowledge. None but the very highest ranks of the Imperium have even an inkling of where the assassins are deployed, or even how many of them there are, and the numbers that are available to these individuals are often…murky. While the Imperial assassins are loyal to the Imperium, ultimately, they only take orders from the Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum, an inevitably shadowy figure, who often serves on the council of the High Lords of Terra. 


There are six Assassinorum temples, each of which have a unique focus and way of killing. Each assassin is an incredibly valuable and potent weapon, only to be used as precise tools, never thrown away in haste or anger. Two of the temples, the Venenum and the Vanus, specialise in assassinations without ever seeing their target, often orchestrating their target’s death from light years away. Four of them are more military focused, taking their target down with bullet, knife, or blast. 


The Callidus Temple are shapeshifters, using the incredibly rare drug polymorphine, which allows them to change their shape to look like any other bipedal creature. They use this skill to infiltrate close to enemy warlords and leaders by taking the form of trusted guards, or favoured servants, before using their neural shredders and phase swords to strike them down while their back is turned. 


The Culexus Temple are specialised psyker killers. Each of them is a Pariah, with no soul or presence in the Warp. This innate nothingness is built upon by their specialised equipment and training, allowing them to completely nullify all manner of psychic abilities, and leave their prey helpless and powerless before the Culexus brings their life to an end. 


The Vindicare Temple are snipers beyond compare. They have inhuman reflexes and patience, many stories exist of a Vindicare lying in wait for years before taking a clean shot on their target. Their specialise Vindicare rifles nullify enemy shields and armour, and can cut clean through the side of a tank before smashing into the head of their quarry. 


The Eversor Temple are rampaging wolves to the precision scalpels of the other assassins. Deployed whenever a public statement of Imperial justice needs to be made, the Eversor rip the hearts out of their foe’s defense. They rarely deploy with just a single target, and will publicly cut their way through every name on their list without compunction. 


Assassins cannot be fielded as an army in themselves, but these specialised killers make excellent additions to any other Imperial army. If you find yourself struggling in one particular field, you can relatively cheaply add in an assassin to fulfil that particular role. Of course, sometimes it’s just fun to watch an Eversor assassin slaughter its way through your opponent’s backfield! 
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