Space Marines: Drop Pod


Space Marines: Drop Pod

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Drop Pods allow the Adeptus Astartes to strike from their ships in orbit around a planet. Capable of carrying a full squad of ten Space Marines, drop pods slam into the battlefield and unfold like a metal flower to deploy it’s contents straight into the front lines of a battle!


This box set contains one multi-part plastic Space Marine Drop Pod. This kit includes components to arm the Drop Pod with either a storm bolter or a Deathwind launcher, and includes a variety of Chapter symbols for the Blood Angels, the Dark Angels, the Ultramarines, the Space Wolves, the Black Templars and the Imperial and Crimson Fists.


This plastic kit is made up of 89 pieces.

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4 reviews for Space Marines: Drop Pod

  1. Chunkb (verified owner)

    Classic model, little fiddly to build but well worth it, leaving doors unsealed so can magnetise later is well worth it. Recommend grabbing a few magnets from outpost whenever you order one

  2. Speklz (verified owner)

    Bit fiddly like the previous review said but my brother loves it. Dispatched very quickly, 5*

  3. Andy Smith (verified owner)

    Swine to build the first one, learnt my mistakes for my second one and that one went together perfectly. Always liked the idea of drop pods and finally went for one and got one for my cousin. Nice detail on the inside when doors open.

  4. Andy Smith (verified owner)

    Built perfectly with no need for magnets on the door, the doors clip shut when aligned properly. Tricky to build though and the 1st one I built wasnt so good. Have to hold everything in place perfectly aligned until the glue starts to bond.

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