Chaos Space Marines: Rhino


Chaos Space Marines: Rhino

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Expected Release: 30-03-2019
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Ancient, yet still sturdy, the Rhino has supported the Chaos Space Marines since long before their fall from grace. Twisted now by the powers of the warp, the Chaos Rhino still carries a full squad of Chaos Space Marines safely through the dangers of the battlefield.


Chaos Rhinos are invaluable transport vehicles that allow you to deliver your units to the heart of battle. Whether you’re disgorging a frothing horde of Berzerkers, or moving your Havocs to where they’ll deal most damage, they’ll add some much-needed mobility to your army.


This set contains everything you need to build one Chaos Rhino. You’ll have the option of equipping yours with a variety of weapons – including a combi-weapon or combi-bolter. This kit also comes with an upgrade sprue bedecked with spikes, railings and Chaos symbols, with plenty of spares for customising the rest of your Chaos models.

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3 reviews for Chaos Space Marines: Rhino

  1. lordxmackenzie (verified owner)

    Amazing sculpt! just waiting on some FW bits to make a lovely midnight clad transport

  2. Michael Connor (verified owner)

    Very nice addition to any army. Lots of spare parts to design it anyway you want.

  3. DavidMunday815 (verified owner)

    As easy to build as a Space Marines Rhino but with more character and flair for the hateful Chaos aesthetic

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