Death Guard Deathshroud Bodyguard


Death Guard Deathshroud Bodyguard


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Weilding massive Manreaper scythes and plaguespurter gauntlets, the Deathshroud act as bodyguards to their vile commanders. Few challengers even make it to meet their end at the hands of these putrid warriors, so polluted is the air around them.


This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to
assemble a set of 3 Deathshroud Bodyguard. Impressively large and dense,
covered in rot, decay, tentacles and horror, these models exemplify the
corrupting gift that Nurgle imparts. Each is armed with a manreaper – a
large scythe, pitted and pockmarked with rust and disease, it stands
even taller than the Deathshroud who brandish it – and a plaguespurter
gauntlet, used to squirt unpleasant maladies at the unfortunate. Each of
the three is bedecked with Nurgle symbolism, found in the rust, boils
and chips in their armour, through which vile tentacled and bloated
flesh poke, barely covered by ragged cloaks. there are 7 variant heads
included, a mix of helmeted and bare, and an extra plaguespurter
gauntlet – this is for an optional unit Champion, who has the option of
wielding two of these. 


The Deathshroud Bodyguard come as 51 components, and are supplied with 3 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

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  1. Daniel Fegent (verified owner)

    Provide a Death Guard player with some options on the field re assault deep strike work & bodyguards for HQ.

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