Dire Foes Mission Pack Gamma: Xanadu Rush


Dire Foes Mission Pack Gamma: Xanadu Rush


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Some biomodified creatures have perpetrated a massacre in the Ariadna Exclusion Zone, and the investigation into their origin points to a laboratory on the Nomad station Splendor of Xanadu, orbiting the planet Dawn. While all signs point to an operation by the technoterrorist organization Equinox, the Nomad Nation doesn’t want any bad press, so it has denied Ariadnan authorities all access and will try to erase the evidence, relying on the skills of the expert hacker Jazz. However, Ariadna is not inclined to leave the matter alone and a stealth boarding team led by Cadin “FirstStrike” Donn has been deployed to raid the Nomad orbital.

With this box, you can not only expand your collection of Infinity CodeOne miniatures, but you will get new options for your army – giving them personality with these three heroes – and also a neutral model to play missions and scenarios.

The Dire Foes Mission Pack Gamma: Xanadu Rush set contains four multi-part metal miniatures:

  • 1x Jazz Hacker
  • 1x Billie
  • 1x “FirstStrike” Donn
  • 1x Lab-Tech

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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