Metal Filters – Purple Interference


Metal Filters – Purple Interference


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Set Metal Filters

Transparent acrylic filters with a metallic finish that allow to modify and metalize the color they cover. Apply on top of other flat, metallic, or colorshift colours. Mixed together, or applied successively, they create new combinations. Shiny metallic finish. Valid for brush or airbrush.

They work similarly to our Chameleon Colorshifts, but they are just one colour and the chamaleonic effect is achieved through the combination of the base colour and the metal filter. You can apply them to any flat colour to essentially turn it into a Chameleon Colorshift of your own design.

It is preferible to apply over dark colours to appreciate their effect better, though over black you’ll only see the tone of the metal filter. Over other dark colours you can create many combinations, we encourage you to experiment as the possibilities with these are endless!


1x 17ml Purple Interference

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  1. Howard Williams (verified owner)

    Of all my purple paints this is my favourite easy to apply and a great effect under the light. SHould I have a full army of purple space marines maybe not but this paint is a difeinate winner for me.

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