Star Wars Legion: Rebel Veterans


Star Wars Legion: Rebel Veterans

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With instincts honed in the trenches, Rebel veterans are often assigned the hardest and most vital jobs in the war against the Empire. Through the countless hopeless battles on desolate worlds that they have seen, Rebel veterans can always be relied upon to get the job done, to hold the line, or to fight to the bitter end.

Within this expansion, you’ll find seven unique unpainted Rebel Veteran miniatures to add to your collection, including a Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper miniature that can be deployed as a detachment, offering valuable fire support to all of your units. Accompanying these miniatures are two unit cards, a selection of upgrade cards allowing you to outfit your veterans with new weapons and gear, and all the tokens you need to add them to your Rebel armies!

  • Take your Star Wars: Legion battles to the frigid plains of Hoth with the seven unique, highly detailed miniatures contained in this expansion! Five Rebel Veterans with A-280 blaster rifles are prepared to make the Empire pay dearly for any ground it gains while a CM-O/93 Trooper is ready to stop an Imperial unit in its tracks.
  • Bolster your forces with a Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper miniature and provide valuable fire support to your units.

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3 reviews for Star Wars Legion: Rebel Veterans

  1. James Balderstone (verified owner)

    Nice models, shame they’re in hoth uniforms, unlike the majority of the rest of the rebels range – but I’ve painted them up in greens & khaki and they look great

  2. Harry (verified owner)

    It’s an essential for that rebel feel in your force. Get them now! Loved painting this set up!

  3. James Tait (verified owner)

    Those doomed Rebel troopers on Hoth, holding the line while the base evacuates. I’d have liked more alien troopers (there’s only one – a Sullustan). Still, these veteran troopers look nice, and you get two corps units out of this set.

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