3D Printed Set – Thorns


3D Printed Set – Thorns


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Expected Release: 27-11-2023
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ABS-like resin thorny branches kit offers a realistic design to imitate real species. These resin bits are available in different shapes and sizes to meet various needs and scales. Thanks to their flexibility, they are durable and resistant, making them easy to handle and incorporate into dioramas and other scale models. In addition, modelers can customize and paint them to suit their creative vision, increasing the overall realism and visual appeal of the composition.

Choosing the appropriate modeling glue, modeling tools, or approach for a given task with your Warhammer bits is essential for achieving optimal results and efficiency in any project. Understanding the project’s requirements, researching available options, and evaluating their performance and suitability are key factors. Additionally, considering the expertise and resources available, staying up-to-date with the latest developments, seeking advice from experts, and thinking about long-term maintenance are all crucial aspects of making an informed decision. 

This product comes unpainted and is perfect for 25-28-35-54 mm (1:48 – 1:35) miniatures.

Contains: x30 Thorn plants

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