Adeptus Custodes Custodian Wardens


Adeptus Custodes Custodian Wardens


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Custodian Wardens are highly disciplined sentries that are initiated into their role after swearing personal unbreakable oaths to stand to high orders. These oaths are written by the Custodian’s own hand after a years hard reflection upon the Gallowtower ledges and to break them is to dishonour their own convictions and creed punishable worse by self more than those they serve. Custodian are described as infinitely patient, coupled with immeasurable restaint they are a defence of their own, immovable against fear and well known for their tactical minds and loyalty. Wearing their highly decorated golden attire, Custodian Wardens take up their mighty castellan axes and guardian spears with deft control and their formidable determination makes them a stone wall of defense and a frightening, deadly offense.


This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a squad of 5 highly decorated Custodian Wardens enhanced by the unmistakable ceremonial robes worn over their auramite armour. Their armour is adorned with various sculpted details of gemstones, eagles, lightning bolts and filigree with your choice what each warden takes up arms with. Either the guardian spear or the castellan axe, with 5 of each supplied in the kit. A choice of mighty helmets, glorious helmet plumes and thigh plates in the kit allow you to customise your Wardens. 

The kit can optionally build a Shield-Captain, creating them to how you wish with a choice of 2 bare heads, a special chest plate, unique shoulder pads and his own set of ceremonial robes. Select his weapon from the castellan axe or guardian spear to be coupled with a misericordia. As well as this, you can assign one model to be assembled as a Vexilus Praetor, choose the axe or the spear along with a splendid ornate Vexilla. 

This kit comes as 78 components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

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  1. HarryHowells (verified owner)

    Like the other Custodes unites, this one is fantastic, loads of options, loads of detail and loads of fun

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