Aeldari: Wraithguard / Wraithblades


Aeldari: Wraithguard / Wraithblades

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Constructs made from the psycho-reactive material known as Wraithbone, Wraithguard are host to the spirit of a dead Aeldari Warrior whose spirit stone has been implanted into the shell so that they may once again protect their race. A practice that is repulsive to the living Aeldari, the act of disinterring the honoured dead from their rest is nonetheless more necessary as the years pass and more Aeldari pass into the twilight of the Spirit Stones.

Those spirits that burn with hate are implanted into the shell of a construct known as a Wraithblade. Their spirits less willing to be guided than their Wraithguard peers, they are instead armed with devastating close combat weaponry and unleashed upon the frontlines of the Aeldari assault where their strength and savagery can best further the survival of their yet living brethren.


The Wraithguard can be equipped with a wraith cannon, or a D-scythe to banish foes into the warp.

The helm-crested Wraithblades can be made with either a pair of ghostswords – there are five different pairs in the set – or with a ghost axe and forceshield.


This multi-part plastic kit contains 135 components and an Aeldari Transfer Sheet with which to make five Aeldari Wraithguard or Wraithblades.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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