Aleph Danavas Hacker & Karkata Remote Ancillary Unit


Aleph Danavas Hacker & Karkata Remote Ancillary Unit


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This is a tactical Hacker reinforcement to the Special Situations Section of ALEPH that will help keep its cyber combat superiority and the TAG Remote Pilot that, thanks to TAGLINE, is able to accomplish objectives deep in enemy’s territory.

The Remote Ancillary Units assigned to Special Services Section TAG are an elaboration on Moto. Tronica’s CrabBot design for PanOceanian Mechanized Cavalry. In reference to its ascendancy, Operations Officers gave this project a Vedic Astrological designation equivalent to the zodiacal crab, Cancer. Karkatas furnish SSS Remote Presence gear with enviable levels of operational freedom while preserving the zero-risk parameters acceptable for pilots, an enhancement that puts these war machines among the most valuable tactical assets on the field.

In a word, Danavas are Maya’s Gestapo. ALEPH’s very own boogiemen, constantly prowling the dataspheres. And you never want to find yourself on their naughty list. In actuality, they are specialised Aspects of ALEPH tasked with monitoring data networks for illicit or seditious activities and pursuing those responsible with the most extreme of prejudices. In fact, if the Danavas catch you, they won’t be content with killing you; they will purge you out of the informational domain. When they are done with you, nobody will even know you ever existed. How can they so remorselessly mete out such extreme form of punishment? Much like their namesakes from Vedic folklore, the Danavas are inhuman creatures.


  • 1x KARKATA (Knife)
  • 1x Danavas (Hacker)

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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