Allandir (Resin)


Allandir (Resin)

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This swift elven ranger uses his compound bow to rain fiery death on your foes. His explosive tipped arrows harass the enemy from afar, leaving them burning as he darts across the battleground.
The PVC version of Allandir is available in the Core Box.

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Allandir is a cybernetically-enhanced elf ranger who has been pulled into the metaphysical plane of Mideon from a timeline yet to be. Will his actions on this plane erase his own future or preserve it? Only Torin, the god of time, knows the answer and Allandir feels he has no choice but to align with her plans.

A powerful ranged hero with the ability to set multiple heroes on fire, Allandir’s damage is a menace to deal with when kept out of melee reach.

Allandir shares alignment with the gods Ista and Torin.

Contents: Resin Allandir (9 parts) Material: pure, unfilled resinModel is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.

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