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Aristeia! Smoke & Mirrors


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“175 years into the future, Humankind has reached the stars. As the hyperpowers vie for influence in the shadows, citizens use their permanent connection to Maya, the interplanetary data network, to revel in a bespoke deluge of thrills. Of course, no form of entertainment is as sought after as Aristeia!, the Human Sphere’s favourite extreme blood sport.”

Aristeia! is the new board game from Corvus Belli, an Infinity spin-off in which two players become the managers of two competing teams for the greatest show in the Human Sphere. Players will face each other in the arena and will have to plan their actions carefully to win.

The Smoke & Mirrors expansion pack is going to change the perception of the game, making it more entertaining than ever before! A Padre-Inquisidor willing to burn heretics, an Asian sorcerer who tortures his enemies with their worst nightmares, a bloodthirsty half-breed Wulver, and a robot that throws smoke grenades comprise the incredible characters who will mesmerize the audience. Nothing is what it seems in Aristeia!

The Smoke & Mirrors expansion box contains;

  • 4x plastic preassembled miniatures
    • 1x Padre-Inquisidor
    • 1x Asian sorcerer
    • 1x Wulver
    • 1x Robot
  • 4 character cards
  • 4 initiative cards
  • 16 Tactics
  • 2 rules cards explaining the new States
  • all the tokens needed to play this expansion
  • 92 cards in every box, because it includes a copy for each language: Spanish, English, German, and French.

Please note:

  • This is not a stand-alone product, and requires a copy of the Aristeia! Core set to be used.
  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required. 

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