Army Pack for 120 minis on 25mm bases and 100mm deep raster foam tray


Army Pack for 120 minis on 25mm bases and 100mm deep raster foam tray

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The presented product is Army Pack for storing and carrying miniatures from all wargames systems.
Our new cases are made of fluted polypropylene sheets, that combines the lightness of the fabric bags with the durability of the plastic cases for miniatures.

Army Pack case is equipped with a plastic handle and clasps.

The presented Army Pack contains a predefined set of foam trays that includes:

  • 1 x the top foam layer protecting the top of the miniatures;
  • 3 x foam trays with 40 compartments, each 50mm x 25mm x 25mm;
  • 1 x 100mm deep raster foam tray;
  • 1 x foam base (bottom separation tray) to stick to the bottom of the raster foam tray.

The raster foam tray is self-adhesive! After altering the spaces for figurines, simply take the protective paper off the underside of the foam and stick it to the bottom separation tray.
The raster foam tray is perforated into 14mm x 14mm cuboids.

Internal dimensions the case: 400 mm x 275 mm x 224 mm.

External dimensionsthe case: 407 mm x 292 mm x 236 mm.

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