Battletech Warrior Coupe Premium Hardback


Battletech Warrior Coupe Premium Hardback

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Expected Release: 28-06-2023
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The minions of Maximilian Liao are about to deliver a crippling blow to
the forces of Prince Hanse Davion—discovering a way to use Hanse’s own
technology against him. Half
a galaxy away, assassins stalk Hanse’s wife, Melissa Steiner, and her
mother, Archon Katrina Steiner, in the passageways of their own palace.
Invasion is imminent. The only ‘Mech force capable of stopping that
invasion—the Kell Hounds mercenary unit—is trapped in a game of search
and destroy with the most fearsome Kurita unit ever created. Even if
they come back in time…how many would make it?

In a world where ten-meter-tall war machines are the soul of battle,
assassins are state policy, and a spy’s loyalty is always for sale, the
only thing certain is death. Who can you trust? And in the bitter end,
how will you be betrayed?

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