Battletome: Blades of Khorne


Battletome: Blades of Khorne


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When the tribes of Khorne Worshipping mortals and armies of Khornate Daemons join, they are known as the Blades of Khorne, and all fear their coming for the Blood God cares not from where the blood flows….


This hardback book contains:

– A miniatures showcase showing a combination of colour schemes, single miniatures, units, and battle scenes on terrain, as well as an example army
– Painting advice including examples of banner designs, red armour, brass trim, different skin tones, horns, a variety of blades, bases, and more
– Rules for fielding your Blades of Khorne army in games of Age of Sigmar, including allegiance abilities, summoning rules, bonuses for fielding named armies with their own abilities, command abilities, command traits and artefacts of power, plus much more
– Rules for building a Khorne warband in Path to Glory
– A massive 19 warscroll battalions that reward you for fielding specific combinations of units
– 34 warscrolls, covering the entirety of Khorne Bloodbound and Khorne Daemons for easy reference
– 3 Judgement of Khorne warscrolls for the Hexgorger Skulls, Bleeding Icon and Wrath-Axe
– Pitched Battle Profiles for all units, Judgements of Khorne, and the Skull Altar featured in this battletome, including min/max unit sizes, points values and battlefield roles

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