Bevelled Edge: 60x35mm Flagstone


Bevelled Edge: 60x35mm Flagstone

Expected Release: 26-06-2020


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Brand: Secret Weapon Miniatures
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If you are looking to make your models stand out from the crowd, then these themed bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures might just be what you need. Why not accentuate the backstory of your force by matching them with suitably themed bases – whether you collect historical, fantasy, or sci-fi models, Secret Weapon Miniatures have the bases to really bring your models to life.

These Flagstonebases are ideal for use with a wide range of miniatures ranges – whether your models are fighting among historical ruins, through fantasy realms or among the distant stars in a Sci-Fi universe.

This Blister contains 1 resin base – which measures 65 x 30mm, with a bevelled edge. These items are supplied unpainted and should be washed in cool, soapy water before use.

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