Beyond Fortune and Glory


Beyond Fortune and Glory


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Expected Release: 27-01-2024
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It was thought that what began as a skirmish between two mercenary companies would end with both parties leaving with a bloody nose and no more said of the matter. This turned out to be far from the truth. With their future hiring power in jeopardy, neither of the forces could surrender the fight without losing face. The Crimson League and Honorable Eclipse Company were now locked in battle, both needing to secure their future contracts and, consequently, the future of their very existence.

Reinforcements came in, not just from paid battlefleets but also from the Great Powers of the Union and Sultanate, both eager to have the mercenaries they regularly employed owing them favourable rates in the future. Specialist crews with their John Henry Colossi made their way to where the fighting was thickest while Sadrazam Heavy Cruisers guarded the coastal defence platforms that had become a focus of the fighting. No mercy was given, and no quarter asked.


  • 2x John Henry Vitruvian Colossus
  • 2x Akron Sentry Rotor
  • 2x Cheyenne Hunter Submarine
  • 2x Farpoint Sentry Platform
  • 1x Large Platform
  • 1x Small Platform
  • 2x Iskandar Cruiser (may also be built as Sadrazam, Pasha or Izmir Class)
  • 2x Temir Frigate
  • 1x Rule Book
  • 20x Action Dice
  • 6x Critical Dice
  • 1x DA Token Sheet

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required

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