Chaos Space Marines Vex Machinator


Chaos Space Marines Vex Machinator


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Mounted upon the back of a daemonic Helstalker, the Lord Discordant’s very presence affects the function of machinery around him, causing glitches, malfunctions and erratic behaviours in any machines not already infected with daemonic entities. 


Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant is a multipart plastic kit and
serves as an HQ choice in a Chaos Space Marines army. The Helstalker
mount can be equipped with a variety of destructive weaponry, and
together they are the bane of enemy vehicles.
The Lord Discordant bears an enormous impaler glaive and his
mechatendrils can lash out at his foes. His scuttling Daemon Engine
steed can be equipped with a baleflamer or autocannon, as well as a
choice of magma cutter or techno-virus injector. 


The miniature is comprised of 63 plastic components, and comes supplied with a Citadel 120mmx92mm Oval Base.

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  1. HarryHowells (verified owner)

    Fantastic kit and model! The Outpost is always my first stop for purchasing warhammer.

  2. Patrick Evans (verified owner)

    The infamous Disco Lord. Add Maulerfiends, run upfield, and make your opponent panic.

  3. Rory Pratt (verified owner)

    A cool looking model, hard the convert though as it’s mono-pose. The end result is still an impressive kit. Solid and competitive on the table right now it’s worth adding in to an army.

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