Children of Malifica


Children of Malifica

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Expected Release: 22-12-2023
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Repulsive tentacle offspring of Ugul Hul
Set of 10 unique sculpts!

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Heights: 40-46mmBases: 32mm round Material: SiOresModel is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.Curious about working with SiOres? Find some helpful tips in this VIDEO.

Formless demon polyps, each one hiding the power of a god within.
Ugul Hul – the demon god of the Yhtari of Malifica – is present everywhere. Like a titanic jellyfish lying on the deep ocean floor the god is constantly replicating itself. Its monstrous body writhes with countless tendrils, each one feeding on the surrounding ocean ley lines, growing in energy and mass, before releasing a polyp that floats off into the depths.These polyps are the starting point for every Yhtari of Malifica that has ever existed. At first bound to the water the polyps grow in size, morphing in form almost uncontrollably. It is only when a polyp encounters one of the crystal formations that cover the ocean bottom that they gain a glimmer of sentience, and the ability to stabilize their changing bodies.Eventually they emerge from the depths, twisted and hideous, little more than a tentacle clutching onto a glowing energy crystal. No one suspects that these primitive and nearly mindless creatures are fragments of perhaps the most powerful and malevolent of the demon gods.At first these Children of Malifca find themselves under the control of their more powerful brethren. Instinctually the Lords and Ladies, or Kings and Queens of Malifica blend their minds with that of the Children, taking control of them like additional limbs. As part of this hive mind the Children of Malfica have no real will of their own.The Children move like a fluid mass, writhing and squirming across the battlefield under the guidance of the hive mind. They can bring down enemies physically, swarming over them and dragging them down into a seething mass of tentacles and teeth. More commonly they fight at range, releasing destructive blasts of energy from the crystals that they have formed a symbiotic relationship with.Over time the Children of Malifica can increase in sentience, gaining more control over their forms, and absorbing more energy into their crystals. Occasionally they develop a will and a purpose of their own – the Yhtari of Malifica call this an awakening. Once awakened the Child of Malifica expends almost all of the energy it has managed to store in its crystal, morphing and changing form to become an Atriarch of Malifica. Those that survive the transition to an Atriarch have nearly unlimited potential – each one a piece of their god with the capacity to evolve into the various ranks of Malifica Royalty, or perhaps even into gods themselves…

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