Citadel Plastic Glue


Citadel Plastic Glue

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Brand: Games Workshop
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Designed specifically for assembling plastic Citadel miniatures, Citadel Plastic Glue comes in a bottle with a handy applicator nozzle, making it as easy as possible to put your models together.

This tub contains 20g of Plastic Glue.

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  1. Joshua Hirst (verified owner)

    Sticks stuff together

  2. eddybbob (verified owner)

    Outpost offer a fantastic discount on this glue – given how much you use, it all adds up. The bottle is a great design and doesn’t apply messily. Exactly what you want for building your models.

  3. Chunkb (verified owner)

    Another one that does what it says on the tin. Easy simple use, love how accurate can be with the applicator of the glue, and if ever gets clogged up easy to clear with quick brush of a lighter.

  4. Barton_farm (verified owner)

    Needed a resupply, and hadn’t used the citadel plastic glue, but was not disappointed, does what it says it does, cant ask for amymore

  5. Martin jennens (verified owner)

    The needle is really handy

  6. Matt Lilley (verified owner)

    Easy to apply but I do find that the needle pulls out regularly and gets gunked up so there’s a bit of fiddling with it if I’ve not used any for a while. Does the job though.

  7. Martin jennens (verified owner)

    Still sticky so full marks

  8. Stuart (verified owner)

    Works great, good for precision but as others have said the needle is prone to clogging up. Found the same with other brands with a similar design so can’t really fault it

  9. David Clark (verified owner)

    Was short in supplies and the outpost were there for supply drop super fast and quick delivery.

  10. Martin jennens (verified owner)

    Lasts much longer than you’d think

  11. Patrick Evans (verified owner)

    Its glue. But at east you can see how much is left, unlike he Humbrol version!

  12. Nureeg (verified owner)

    Hardest thing is trying to get a small amount out. The little metal pipe just doesn’t seem to let it trickle out. FYI it’s a very ‘liquid glue. Others like Army Painter are a bit clumping and easier to not melt detail on your model with.

  13. Michael Connor (verified owner)

    Best plastic glue I’ve used. Needle is super fine so makes it perfect for precision gluing.

  14. Brabbinho (verified owner)

    Sticky. One of the better plastic glues at a great price

  15. Ashley Parker (verified owner)

    Great price with outpost discount! Decent sized tub of glue which will likely last me a year and perfect for all my model making needs.

  16. NomadJVR (verified owner)

    much better glue to use on miniatures than super glue

  17. Chris Page (verified owner)

    Sticky, precise and does what it should.

  18. Michael Connor (verified owner)

    Very good when it works, needle dries and its near impossible to clean out

  19. James Tait (verified owner)

    The glue works well, and the bottle design is good.

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