Colour Forge Spray: Steelforge Silver (500ml)

Colour Forge Spray: Steelforge Silver (500ml)

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Brand: The Colour Forge


The Colour Forge Steelforge Silver spray offers exceptional coverage and quality without the price tag.

Using a tried and tested formula this product is on par with the best in the industry.

Presented in a 500ml rattle can (25% more than other brands on the market!).

This spray is colour matched to Games Workshop’s Leadbelcher.

For the best results:

1. Shake the can thoroughly for 5 minutes.

2. Pour warm water over the body of the can to bring it up to room temperature.

3. Repeat until all paint is warmed through.

4. Hold spray 12 inches from model and use short passes over the uncovered areas until the model is covered.

5. After use, rotate the can so it is upside down and spray until clear, this reduced the chance of nozzle blockages.

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5 reviews for Colour Forge Spray: Steelforge Silver (500ml)

  1. laughingorc (verified owner)

    I’ve used many different sprays primers over the years, but none come close to the Colour Forge range. A great range of colours (including many colour matched to GW paints) is a good start, but the even coverage, steady spray and larger capacity just make these sprays pretty much unbeatable in my book.

  2. Nureeg (verified owner)

    First Colour Forge spray I tried and mot disappointed. Easy Necrons. Used in not particularly warm weather ok.

  3. Gaz Grubb (verified owner)

    Used as a basecoat for 8mm titans and epic scale infantry, goes on great (in the middle of winter) not too thick as to lose any detail, works great with a darktone wash.

  4. andy555 (verified owner)

    Large can a nice primer

  5. Adam Cox (verified owner)

    Amazing primer, large can is handy

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