Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius


Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius


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This box contains 11 Deathwatch Space Marines:

– Ortan Cassius, Ultramarines Chaplain;
– Vael Donatus, Ultramarines Sternguard Veteran;
– Zameon Gydrael, Company Champion;
– Rodricus Grytt, Imperial Fists Devastator;
– Antor Delassio, Flesh Tearer Assault Marine Sergeant;
– Edryc Setorax, Raven Guard Vanguard Veteran;
– Jensus Natorian, Blood Ravens Codicer Librarian;
– Drenn Redblade, Space Wolves Blood Claw;
– Garran Branatar, Salamander Terminator;
– Ennox Sorrlock, Iron Hands Sternguard Veteran;
– Jetek Suberei, White Scars Biker Sergeant;
– a teleport homer and a servo skull.

Comes supplied with a Citadel 75x46mm Oval base, a Citadel 40mm Round base, 2 Citadel 25mm Round bases and 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

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  1. Mike Evans (verified owner)

    A beautiful set, with some really interesting minis. Not much scope for creating anything unique, but the way these minis look, why would you want to. The only draw back to these, they seem to be a little smaller than the normal DW killteam sets.

  2. Daniel Fegent (verified owner)

    Really nice selecton of models. Not great for playing as a designated team for Deathwatch in the game but perfect for taking certain models & using them elsewhere.

    The poses are fantastic and very dynamic. Used a lot of them as Sgts, Chaplain or Librarians.

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