Deathwatch Upgrades

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Adapt your troops and vehicles and add to your Imperial miniatures collection using the icons and Deathwatch details, including:

10x Deathwatch Space Marine shoulder pads (left arm)
2x Deathwatch Space Marine Terminator shoulder pads (right arm)
1x Deathwatch Space Marine Sergeant chest plate
2x Deathwatch Space Marine Sergeant helmets
1x Deathwatch Space Marine power sword
1x Deathwatch backpack icon
2x Deathwatch vehicle/walker icons

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  1. Daniel Fegent (verified owner)

    Perfect for expanding your Deathwatch force with the help of other Space Marine sets.

    Also ideal for converting the Easy to Build kits & the Marines from the Dark Imperium boxset for use with Deathwatch (some cutting required).

    Really great to have these options as you can design a force now around what you really want to use & all can match nicely on the tabletop.

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