Empire of Dust Army


Empire of Dust Army


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An ancient empire punished for its hubris and fall into chaos. The cursed peoples of the Ahmunites are now a nightmare that haunt the parched, unforgiving lands of the south.

At its height, the Ahmunite Empire possessed thousands of well-trained soldiers. As the use of necromancy spread, ranks of raised corpses replaced these legions. The pharaohs found that the skeletal warriors were not only immune to pain, but also far more loyal than their living counterparts. In modern times, the Ahmunite Empire has not even a single soldier of flesh and blood. Instead, rank upon rank of skeletons march in grim silence at the command of their superiors, their previous lives lost and forgotten.

These armies are equipped in death much as they were in life. Infantry regiments carry tall shields and fight with either spears or a variety of ancient hand weapons. Ranged troops are generally equipped with bows.

The Balefire Catapult was originally a creation of the high priests – a weapon designed to use the ensorcelled skulls of the slain as ammunition with the intention of demoralising the foe.

This set contains 53 plastic and metal miniatures, including:

20 plastic and metal Skeleton Warriors
20 plastic and metal Skeleton Archers
10 premium plastic Mummies
1 plastic and metal Balefire Catapult
1 metal Pharaoh/High Priest with alternate components.
Plastic bases
Mantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Premium Plastic and metal models require super glue.

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