Firestorm Stripes Campaign Pack


Firestorm Stripes Campaign Pack


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Firestorm: Stripes is the second instalment in our on-going campaign for Team Yankee that sees NATO and Warsaw Pact players fighting out the opening days of the Battle for Germany in August 1985.

The Soviets have launched their attack, striking across all fronts but the Western Forces have managed to hold them back in a number of areas leaving a pocket of resistance fighting against the Red Tide.

It is time now for the Soviet armies to finish the job, or can NATO and it’s allies fight the Soviets to a standstill?

Firestorm: Stripes can be played in a single intense day of gaming, or spread out over several weeks.

Firestorm Campaign System

The campaign consists of a series of Team Yankee games in which players attempt to capture areas from the enemy or recover those lost in earlier games.

Each time a player wins a game they receive a Victory pin. Once all the Victory pins have been won, the campaign is over and the side holding cities of the greatest value wins.

When a pair of players want to play a game, they Grab a Victory Pin, Place a Battle Arrow, Play a Game, Award the Victory Pin, and then Capture Areas.

At the end of the campaign, add up the Victory Points (VP) for each city held by each side. The side with the greater Victory Point total wins the campaign. Will it be a Strategic Victory for the Red Armies where the cause of International Communism has been significantly advanced by the rapid liberation of West Germany from the yoke of Capitalism. Or will NATO forces scrape together a Tactical Victory, holding their positions and attempting to seek peace through diplomatic means?

Only you can determine who wins Firestorm: Stripes, the final instalment of our Firestorm: Team Yankee series. Will the sacrifices of the men and women that fought over Firestorm: Red Thunder be in vain, or can you secure ultimate victory for your side.

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