Fluor Paint WHITE


Fluor Paint WHITE

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Fluor Paint – WHITE

These opaque fluorescent acrylic paints will make your miniatures and dioramas vividly colourful. They are characterised by their highly intense brightness, reaching maximum brightness over white paint.

In addition, they react and glow under ultraviolet/black light, offering an infinite number of creative possibilites.

Non-toxic. Valid for brush and airbrush.

Content: 1x 17ml bottle

Available in various colors.

*This Paint may contain a protective seal, remove before use.

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  1. Chad420Lad (verified owner)

    It works, it glows quite strong under the UV light, but I would not call it white.
    If you take this paint unthinned, straight out of the dropper and apply over anything, it will barely show in daylight.
    It will, however, glow strongly under the UV. Good idea is to use it with the UV turned on.
    The paint only becomes white with multiple layers. It does have a semictranclucent gel quality to it. If you mix it with other paints, it makes them fluorescent to a degree while making them only slightly brighter to a naked light.

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