Foam tray for 3rd Rate ships and Brigs


Foam tray for 3rd Rate ships and Brigs


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Expected Release: 19-11-2020
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The presented product is a foam tray for storing and carrying ships from the 
Black Seas miniatures game.

The unique solution we used is a foam tray that opens from the side where
you can gently insert a ship under full sail. After putting a ship into
a cutout you close the opening with a foam valve.

Moreover, cutouts in the foam have two levels. The lower level is as wide
as a ship’s hull and gently holds it restricting movement of the whole ship.
The upper level is as wide as a ship’s spars with 3mm margins of both sides
and allows for the safe putting in and pulling out of a ship.

This patented foam tray allows for safe storage of:

  • 3 x 3rd Rate;
  • 2 x Brig.

Foam dimesions: 267mm x 197mm x 105mm.

The foam tray occupies half of the inside space of a carry box.

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