Glass Mixing Balls 8mm


Glass Mixing Balls 8mm


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Glass mixing balls in an 8mm size, are essential tools for artists and creative enthusiasts alike. These meticulously crafted spheres serve a vital role in the world of painting, art, and crafting, offering a versatile and reliable solution for enhancing the handling and longevity of various paints and mediums.

At their core, they are designed to facilitate an efficient and consistent mix of the colors included in the colors within their respective containers. Placed inside paint pots or bottles, they act as small, unobtrusive agents of cohesion, actively combating the natural tendency of heavier pigments to settle at the bottom over time. This property is especially noticeable following extended periods of storage, where conventional model paints often require extensive manual mixing to restore their original consistency.

One of the primary advantages of these lies in their ability to help keep colors vibrant and readily usable. Through their simple yet effective stirring action, they work tirelessly to maintain a homogeneous composition within the paint. This consistency is crucial for artists, as it ensures that the colors remain true to their intended vibrancy and quality. 

They are well-suited for paints with a lower density, such as those that are more liquid or fluid in nature such as acrylic inks, but also for those solvent-based, or with elements capable of accelerating the oxidation of a metal ball. This versatility makes them adaptable to a wide range of artistic mediums, ensuring that artists can work with the materials that best suit their creative vision. 

Crafted from high-quality glass, they offer assurance in the preservation of the acrylic paints‘s integrity. The material is not only resistant but also chemically inert, meaning that it will not interfere with the composition of the pigments or introduce any impurities. Artists can confidently rely on them to safeguard their creative materials, preventing unwanted alterations and ensuring the highest level of purity and color fidelity.

Contents: 40x glass balls
Weight: 0.66 gr.
Diameter: 8 mm

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