Great Unclean One


Great Unclean One

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The pinnacle of the daemonic heirarchy of Nurgle, the Great Unclean Ones are gargantuan, corpulent creatures formed of rotting flesh and daemonic power. Strangely mirthful and protective of their smaller daemonic underlings, once the fires of their rage are stoked, they are terrifying to behold. An unstoppable mountain of stinking flesh, howling in anger and laying about itself with rusted, plague soaked weapons.


This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Great Unclean One. This is a truly vile model (in the most positive sense of the word!) – it celebrates its corpulence, with rotten, torn flesh slipping aside on its enormous gut to reveal winding intestines within. 2 different heads are available – one with symmetrical antlers and a foul grin, and one cyclopæan, featuring a hideous daemon tongue which ends in a sinister head – itself featuring a sinister daemon tongue! It can be armed with a massive bilesword or doomsday bell in the right hand, and a large bileblade or plague flail (a remarkable object which is essentially 3 skulls attached to lengths of heavy chain) in its left hand. 6 Nurglings are included, clutching items such as censers, or just hanging about – these can be added to the kit in any way that you see fit. 


This model comes as 59 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 130mm Round base. The Great Unclean One can be added to both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar armies, and the kit can optionally be used to assemble the special character Rotigus.

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