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Hades Scorpion


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The Type-4 Super-Heavy Walker is one of the largest frontline ground units yet encountered by the forces of the Reconquest. It is an armoured behemoth of staggering proportions, a pillar of strength and fighting prowess around which the centre of a PHR battlefront can be built.

The most common load-out is the Hades. Armed primarily with a tail mounted Super-Heavy Rail Repeater, a weapon of epic proportions, it has awesome power and a fearsome rate of fire. The Hades is also armed with a less obvious, more insidious weapon. In the centre of the Hades’ armoured hide lies the Nanomachine Hive. This technological marvel can expel vast clouds of nanomachines to attack enemy units or repair friendly units within range.

An alternative design has been seen on the battlefields of Earth, which doubles down on the PHR’s use of nanomachines. This horrifying invention has been nick-named Hellion Nanomachines. The colossal hive of machines is housed from tip to tail, and can expel vast clouds of these microscopic “creatures”, swarming through enemy steel and flesh alike, with no care for walls or the best defences. Once a Persephone is seen in the field, UCM commanders warn all allied forces to stay clear, since the nanomachines rarely distinguish between friend or foe.

What’s better than a giant scorpion? A giant scorpion with a massive gun! What’s better than that? A giant scorpion with a swarm of nanobots! The Type-4 is a massive unit, with Armour 14 and 8 Damage Points, this thing isn’t going down quickly. While it is slow, it can be safely transported in a Poseidon, dropped into battle and left alone – that’s what your opponent will be hoping to do!

A Hades is armed with a Super-Heavy Rail Repeater, which can fire 3 times per round thanks to Strafe-3, and will mostly wreck anything thanks to its 36″ range and Energy 12. If that weren’t enough, the Hades comes equipped as standard with a Black Nanomachine Swarm which can hit anything within 18″ thanks to its Indirect rule. It also has White Nanomachines, which help to keep friendly units repaired throughout the battle.

A Persephone comes with White Nanomachines too, but that’s not what you’re reading this for. The Hellion Nanomachine Swarm makes a mess of heavy vehicles, with 3 shots at Energy 9. Alternatively you can fire the Surge, which absolutely tears through infantry, whether they’re in a Garrison or not thanks to the Flame rule. 9 shots inside a building? Yes please!

Contains 1 resin miniature with the choice to make either a Hades or a Persephone. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 135mm in length.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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