Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian Allopex


Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian Allopex


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The Idoneth Deepkin use many of the creatures with which they share their home as warbeasts, training them to accept riders and weapons. The Allopex is one such warbeast, trained to carry a pair of Akhelian Guard into battle. One guard directs the beast, directing its viciously toothed jaws against the choicest targets, while the other employs the weaponry mounted to the beasts back, either a razorshell harpoon launcher or a retarius net launcher, to harass distant targets.


This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to
assemble an Akhelian Allopex. A large, fierce-looking bond-beast with a
shark-like silhouette, its fins are modified with sharp blades and its
head and eyes covered with metal armour, to facilitate its control by
its riders. 2 Akhelian Guard mount the beast – the foremost clutches the
reins in his left hand, with a barbed blade (or optional barbed hook)
in his right ready to cut down any nearby enemy who survives the
attentions of the Allopex’s ferocious bite. Behind him stands a Guard
manning the razorshell harpoon launcher atop a specially-built platform –
this can optionally be built as a retarius net launcher, both options
equally devastating and featuring a cache of harpoons behind the weapon.
The pilot features a helmet with no crest – allowing the harpoon
launcher a clear shot – and the gunner, almost seeming to make up for
this, features a particularly large crest; both feature the heavy plate
and bare arms that typify the Akhelian Guard. You have the option to
model the Allopex with mouth closed or open, and a selection of
accessories – fishing net, rope and grapple hook, fiasco bottles, normal
bottles and bottle and case – used to decorate the creature and base.


This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Akhelian Allopex.

This kit comes as 47 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 90mm Oval base & flying stand.

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