Imperial Japanese Infantry

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Thought of as invincible by the Allied forces in the early stages of World War II, the Japanese soldier was a brave, disciplined, often fanatical, warrior who fought to the death sometimes against overwhelming odds. Conquering all before them and carving out a vast Empire during the opening stages of the war the Imperial Japanese Army were truly a force to be reckoned with.

This plastic box set contains enough parts to make 30 plastic Japanese infantry armed with:

  • Arisaka rifle
  • Light ‘knee’ mortar
  • Hand grenades
  • Type 99 Light machine gun (and bayonet!)
  • Type 14 Nambu pistol
  • Flag pole
  • NCO’s Shin Gunto sword
  • Anti-tank lunge mine
  • Arisaka rifle with bayonet
  • Type 100 sub-machine gun

Plus lots of accessories including a bugle and full-colour devotional banner and flag sheet!

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  1. Matt Lilley (verified owner)

    A set with lots of options to build and a good way to get started with a Japanese Force. A couple of quibbles – there’s one probe figure on each of the 5 sprues so you end up with 5 prone – not enough for a squad so you’ll have occasional prone models dotted through. Also the knee mortar model was hard to figure out (for me anyway!). But there’s decent variety and good detail so overall I’m happy…

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