Kimon Allegiance Box


Kimon Allegiance Box

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Expected Release: 30-09-2023
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They are led by Zhong Kui, the deceiver, who has both cheated powerful oni and reaped the rewards for such behaviour.

Wave after wave of Kimon pour through the Gates, looking to escape the endless emptiness of the Beyond and conquering everything they encounter as they go.

Kimon Companies use their simple and steady Glory mechanic to power a variety of versatile summons.
The units in this box provide a mixture of speed and brute force backed up by summoning, plenty of repositioning tricks and Token manipulation.

This is the core box needed to play an Allegiance; a single Commander, supporting units, and all cards and tokens for a single player to play a game of The Other Side. This box provides enough units for a single player to play a One Commander game of The Other Side and is a solid starting point for any player looking to get into the game.


  • 25x Preassembled Minis
  • Tactics Tokens
  • Fate Deck
  • Bases
  • Stat Cards
  • Measuring Tape

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One Kimon Allegiance Box is supplied

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